Itsy Blitz Portable Baby Food Blender for Weaning

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Those that have spoken to Chris when he’s in the Bambino store (occasionally!) may know that Bambino is actually his second business!  The first, Itsy Products, is also a cracker and is set to change the way we wean our babies!

The Itsy Blitz is the world’s first PORTABLE baby food blender and has won a host of recent awards!  Get yours in-store or online today with FREE SHIPPING! Whoop!


Take the portable Itsy Blitz baby food blender with you, wherever the day takes you!  Make what you want, when you want with complete freedom!


Make fresh, healthy and homemade baby food in an instant.


Handheld and portable, the Itsy Blitz baby food blender is so portable and lightweight, it can fit in a handbag or changing bag no problem!


The cost of ingredients for a small portion of baby food is pennies compared to big brand jars & sachets – so go, save a few quid!


Easy to clean – simply wipe down our baby food blender with a damp cloth and pop the blade, spoon and weaning bowl into the dishwasher.


At Itsy, we know that weaning is an exciting milestone for you & your baby.  Weaning your baby onto solid food for the first turn, should be easy, fun and above all – healthy.

Weaning doesn’t have to be so scary!  Take back control of your baby’s diet.

Whether you are at home, or out & about, and you shouldn’t have to be overly organised or have to rely on costly pouches & jars with questionable contents.

Designed to make weaning work for you, the Itsy Blitz is a brand new concept in baby food blenders that give you the freedom to choose what you feed your baby, when, where and how.

With it’s efficient slim line design, built in weaning bowl and spoon, recharging station and portable carry case, the Itsy Blitz offers you the ability to make healthy weaning foods with the added benefit of being small & portable enough to fit in your baby bag and take with you wherever you need to be.

Make weaning work for you with Itsy – conveniently healthy weaning.