Y-Knot Eco Bags Session – Thursday 24th May 6.30-8pm


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Come and join us on Thursday 24th May where we’ll be exploring up-cycling old t-shirts into draw-string / tote bags!

No sewing is involved, so it is suitable for most ages.

You can either bring along one of your own t-shirts or one can be supplied at no extra cost! The bags are a perfect substitute to a plastic carrier bag when nipping to the shops, and are also an awesome way of up-cycling that old top you just can’t seem to let go of, and making it into a unique one-of-a-kind bag!

Decomposing clothing releases methane, a harmful greenhouse gas and a significant contributor to global warming. The dyes and chemicals in fabric contaminate the soil, having serious effects on surface and groundwater which then has knock on affects for any wild life that might drink the water. Not to mention the space that it takes up in land fill.

We feel as though there is not enough knowledge/education out there on recycling clothing material so we’re here to teach the mind set of ‘looking at an old item as an opportunity to create something new not throw it away’.

This event runs on Thursday 24th May from 6.30-8pm and costs £10 per person – Places are limited so book early! 🙂