Facebook Ads – The Basics | Wednesday 31st July


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As part of this Summer’s business fundamentals sessions, we’re running a 2-hour session all about getting to grips with Facebook Ads… it can be a REAL minefield can’t it?

Running on Wednesday 31st July, we’ll be breaking down the building blocks of Facebook Ads that everyone needs to know.  It can look complicated, but we’ll cover off the basics in a laid-back and non-techy way.

This ideal for those who are running (or thinking about running) a small business, and know they need to start spending money on Facebook and Instagram Ads to increase their presence.

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • What is Facebook Business Manager, where do I find it, and how do I use it?
  • What are the different types of Facebook Ads, what do they look like and what are they good for?
  • What is the Facebook Pixel? How does it work, how do I install it, and how do I check it’s working correctly?
  • How do I run Instagram Ads?
  • How do I target my Ads to the right audience for my business?

Important Notes:

  • We have limited places on this session (5 in total) as each attendee will get their own desk to work from as we look at various aspects of Facebook Ads for business.
  • Please bring a laptop if you can to this session.  This is not mandatory, but it helps to follow some of the guidance on your own Facebook account on your own computer.
  • This session will run 7-9pm, with half an hour at the end of the session for queries and troubleshooting. Please arrive 15 minutes before the session begins for a prompt start.
  • Nibbles and soft drink refreshments are included.