Alphatots Sound Bites – 1pm – Session – 07/01 – 05/02


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Alphatots Sound Bites is back for 2019, for more sessions for your little ones…

These lovely sessions are all about sounds and senses.  They are aimed at 1 and 2 year olds, though  older/younger children are welcome. Stimulate their minds and ears as we introduce them to a different world of enchantment each week through our structured activities that offer a growing familiarity each week alongside new engaging content. Each session has its own fun theme – we could be exploring the jungle, zooming into space, or finding out about our own bodies!  The children are often mesmerised by our real world sound effects, tickled pink by our friendly puppets, and love the sensory experiences and crafts we include.  We include interactive stories with fun props and sing songs incorporating rhymes and alliterative sounds to help the children develop phonological awareness (the early skills needed for learning to read when they’re older).  We play clapping games that help little ones to start hearing the rhythm of our language and introduce them to the concept of words being broken up into ‘claps’ (syllables), and play around with rhyming objects. We also play games that encourage the little ones to practise making eye contact and taking turns – crucial for being able to hold a successful conversation. Mastering these foundations will put them in a great position for moving onto our Alphatots Phonics classes when they get a little older.. and of course they’ll have a great time along the way!

In 2019 Alphatots will start up again with a session each Monday at 1pm for 5 weeks on the following dates:

Monday 7th January 1pm

Monday 14th January 1pm

Monday 21st January 1pm

Monday 28th January 1pm

Monday 4th February 1pm