Our Coffee

Late night?

Early morning?

Don’t worry about it..  We’ve teamed up with fabulous guys at Redemption Roasters to give you a caffeine and ethical boost!


Redemption Roasters provide some of the loveliest coffee you’ll ever taste, if you don’t believe us, try it!  And if you think that’s impressive, you’ve seen nothing yet…

How did we ever function without a caffeine boost?

Redemption’s coffee roastery is based in the heart of HMYOI (Her Majesty’s Young Offender’s Instituion to you and I) Aylesbury just outside Oxford.  The team employ inmates within the prison walls to learn coffee roasting techniques and barista skills as an alternative to the more tradition prison jobs such as gardening, cleaning and picking/packing.

With the ability to offer inmates a chance to learn valuable skills that can be used in the outside world, Redemption Roasters are able to give these young men and repeat offenders a real choice once they leave, and are even offered stable, honest jobs at their Coffee Shop in the heart of Bloomsbury, London.

Inspiring is an understatement.

For more information on the Redemption Roasters story, visit their site here.

As they put it – “Our coffee tastes this good because it’s made by people who try harder.”

The result is a finely crafted cup of coffee that raises the bar for everyone.

Redemption Roasters